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Wanda’s Story – The Appeal of Spa-A-Peel

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Building a brand and a business can involve a variety of ingredients, but for Wanda Bynum Founder of Spa-A-Peel it all comes down to one core ingredient: high quality customer service. Service is the secret to her spa’s success.

“It’s all about exceptional customer service,” Wanda said. “Is it a simple smile and hot tea? Opening the door for everyone? Walking your clients to their car? Details go a long way.”

Spa-A-Peel opened in Rosedale Park in 2012, after Wanda made the decision to take the leap into entrepreneurship. Wanda had been working for the banking world for 11 years. When she noticed the corporation was downsizing, she started to look into new industries. Beauty care struck her interest. She remembered giving her parents manicures and pedicures growing up.  Having worked in the small business banking department, she felt she could branch out on her own.

Ultimately, opening her business came down to a question of empowerment.

“I gave it my all in the corporate world but I didn’t feel appreciated,” she said. “If I’m working this hard for someone else, why not work this hard for myself??

So Wanda began canvassing the area and talking to people in the community to see if there was an interest for beauty care services. She found a building for sale and was able to purchase it. Now she owns the real estate and she operates out of it. Spa-A-Peel offers manicures, pedicures, facials, massages, waxes, and more.

But it has taken some time and hard work to grow a clientele base and business.

Turns out I work much harder for myself. I am a really hard worker, but being an entrepreneur is harder work than you might think,” she said with a laugh.

As an entrepreneur, Wanda wears all the hats. She cleans. She shops for supplies. She meets new vendors. She manages all marketing and sales. She interviews staff and makes hires. At the end of the day, she says there’s always still something left to do.

But the hard work is paying off and she hopes to expand her operations over the next few years, hiring more full time staff to support Spa-A-Peel.

Rebranding An Experience.

When you ask Wanda what is it she loves most about her work at Spa-A-Peel it certainly comes down to the people. It comes down to creating her own version of a high quality experience, one that is personalized and professional.

“I make good connections with my clients. When you are connected with your clients you are building friendships with them instead,” she said.

Wanda knows and truly cares how her customers are doing, how their families are doing, what their preferences are and how to serve them best when they visit her business.

The exceptional service also comes down to the details: serving tea in real tea cups and sauces, using real clothes and hand towels, always keeping the building clean.
“It really comes down to comfortable and exceptional customer service,” she said. “It always smells good and looks good in here so in turn, you’ll feel good.

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