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Rain Drop Therapy – 60min | $160.00 | 90min | $220.00

This therapy helps to add balance and harmony to the body psychologically, mentally and emotionally. This therapy can be used as a treatment for stress, pain reduction, respiratory congestion, circulatory and musculoskeletal issues; spinal misalignments issues; and metabolism imbalance.

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage | $155.00

You’ll  be relaxed while your skin soaks up nutrients from Himalayan Salt Stones. This relaxing massage treatment incorporates warmed Himalayan salt stones that contain an abundance of essential minerals that exfoliate, soften the skin, mineralize, gently detox and leaves your skin with a renewed glow.

CBD Massage – 60min | $140.00 | 90min | $180.00

This massage is perfect for athletes and those needing relief from chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, this is the massage that you’ve been waiting for!.  This treatment utilizes two effective products. Beginning with a topical CBD analgesic for all those problem areas followed by a full body massage with a CBD massage cream. These two products work together along with a moist heat application. 

Swedish Massage – 60min | $90.00 | 90min | $130.00 

You will enjoy dim lighting and soft music, a glowing fireplace, and candles. In addition to stress reduction and  relaxation, Swedish massage can improve sleep quality. It can also decrease anxiety and increase your overall sense of well-being. This massage includes long, gliding strokes and kneading techniques on the upper layers of the muscles. The pressure can be light to medium.

Deep Tissue Massage – 60min | $130.00 | 90min | $170.00

Your therapist will Focus on layers of muscle.  While working out those tight spots, your therapist will use prolonged pressure on the inner layers of muscle fibers and connected tissue. The techniques used, in deep tissue massage will break up adhesions that are causing you discomfort. This massage may help improve posture, ease movement, and release chronic tension. Pressure is strong.